CallMeCarson Returning to Twitch Despite Grooming Allegations

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CallMeCarson is coming back to Twitch after a seven-month hiatus. | © CallMeCarson

CallMeCarson is coming back to Twitch after a seven-month hiatus, following grooming allegations from January of this year. The popular YouTuber and Twitch Streamer was accused of grooming and pedophilia, and consequently disappeared from his various channels for seven months. He is now back, and CallMeCarson will be Twitch Streaming to raise funds for charity over the next year.

It seems like a common occurrence over the last few years to see accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior against major streamers and YouTube content creators. In CallMeCarson's case, allegations of grooming and pedophilia became the tipping point of his career, after a 17-year-old fan came forward.

In January 2021, 17-year-old former fan "Miniorb" came forward with allegations against the Twitch Streamer and YouTube personality. The alleged offenses apparently occurred whilst the accuser was still in high school. Months of silence followed, until CallMeCarson reappeared on August 26.

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CallMeCarson Returning to Twitch For Charity

In a video posted on his YouTube Channel, CallMeCarson confirmed that he will be returning to Twitch streaming. In the video, CallMeCarson barely mentioned the allegations, instead pivoting to the announcement of his Charity Twitch Streaming, which will begin on September 1. He was very specific about not wanting to acknowledge the accusations.

“I’m not going to answer any specifics of the situation with me. Nor am I going to do anything to cause any more drama than there already is.”

The broadcast CallMeCarson is advertising will be his first Twitch stream in over seven months. Carson even referred to the stream as part of a bigger event, the so-called "Year of Charity".

"Now, before you start looking at this as an excuse to sweep things under the rug, that's not what this is," Carson said, before moving on to continue his announcement. "Genuinely, I just want to do my own thing, and raise some money for people that need it more than me."

He confirmed, as per the quote above, that he will not be answering any questions about the situation. The lack of self-reflection within the video itself could open the YouTuber up to criticism over the next few days.

Whether you support him or not, CallMeCarson will be returning to Twitch on September 1, for the purpose of raising money for charity.

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