Adam McIntyre Continues Colleen Saga With His Own Ukulele Video

After Colleen Ballinger's bizarre song, Adam McIntyre responds in kind and gets out his own ukulele.

Adam vs colleen
Adam McIntyre responds to Colleen Ballinger with his own ukulele. │© Adam McIntyre / Colleen Vlogs

It's actually kind of hard to earn the title of "worst response video" on YouTube these days when people like David Dobrik, Logan Paul and Laura Lee set the bar so high.

Colleen still somehow managed to secure herself a top spot with her fever dream of a response video.

If Colleen didn't see the backlash coming or even wanted it to gain back some kind of internet fame – either way the shitstorm that comes her way right now is huge.

Adam McIntyre Responds To Colleen With His Own Ukulele

Adam McIntyre was the first one to speak out against Colleen Ballinger way back in 2020. It seems revenge and/or justice is not best served cold, but with some out of tune ukulele chords.

Adam saw the opportunity and took it: with his own video, fittingly titled "hi." like Colleen's, he captured the essence of Miranda Sings better than Miranda Sings herself – because if Colleen will only listen to silly songs, so be it.

Get in on the fun with your own uke!

In an over 20-minute video he cuts between himself strumming his own ukulele and doing a "fun little duet" with the internet's most wanted person, responding to her song and pointing out the inconsistencies in Colleen's video.

Obviously, the whole situation is really messed up, especially for Adam. That's why it's even better that he can make fun of her while still getting the point across: Colleen didn't take any of it seriously and her whole video was kind of redundant.

When it came down to the dark bits, Adam did the one thing Colleen failed to do: putting the freaking ukulele down and addressing some of the messed up allegations without the ukulele tunes to mask the seriousness of it all.

Colleen probably won't get a piano next to make another song that gets her in even more trouble. At least we hope so.

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