Creator Of The Dahmer Series Releases New True-Crime Show

The Dahmer series on Netflix is freaking awesome. Now, Producer Ryan Murphy releases his next true-crime show shortly after. Let's see if it will be as good as its predecessor.

The Watcher
sick house though! | © Netflix

Ryan Murphy has been absolutely nailing it with his Jeffrey Dahmer true-crime series. That sh*t was nerve wracking, heartbreaking and terrifying. It is also pretty controversial, as what happened still affects people today, and people deem the series to be too focused on Dahmer and kind of voyeuristic in nature.

Even with the backlash the series received, it still is an exceptional piece of media, that perfectly sets the tone and, in my opinion, deals very respectfully with a sensitive matter.

That is why hearing about Ryan Muphy's new project got me all excited. The producer of shows like American Horror Story and the Dahmer series will release his new true-crime series as soon as next week.

The Watcher: Ryan Murphy's Next True-Crime Spectacle

The Watcher
A distressng show, about what happens, when your neighbours are total dicks | © Netflix

The show has the classic haunted house, horror formula. A family moving into a new home, an absolutely stunning house in a nice suburban neighborhood. Everything seems perfect, until it wasn't! The family starts receiving weird and creepy letters from someone who has an obsession with the house and well, as the name of the show implies, watches it. Their dream home quickly turns into a nightmare and paranoia kicks in.

The trailer looks pretty cool, and after I've seen what Ryan Murphy can do, when it comes to building a tense and unnerving atmosphere, I'm definitely gonna check out the Watcher.

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The craziest part about all of this, though, is that this all is based on a true story. It wouldn't be nearly as creepy and intense, if it was just another horror/thriller series. Because you know that sh*t actually happened, it just becomes way creepier. I mean, that story happened 5 years ago and the whole thing went unsolved, so the watcher dude might still be out and about. I'm glad I don't live in New Jersey, where this all happened!