New Netflix Horror So Traumatic It Leaves Audiences Feeling "Cursed"

The latest Netflix horror, a found-footage Taiwanese film called Incantation, is supposedly the scariest they've ever released. It's so brutal that viewers have been left wondering if they're actually cursed now...

Netflix Scary Film Incantation
Is this the most scary Netflix film ever made? | © Netflix

Only the very best horror films are able to scare viewers. And Netflix especially has failed to meet this demand. Most of their horror films are generic c-list films that they can churn out to fill the library. Don't get me wrong, it's still preferable to them funneling all their resources into the most profitable genres, but it's not an ideal situation for horror fans.

But that might be changing, as one recent addition to the platform has left viewers far more than scared. Yep, the Taiwanese film Incantation is reportedly so horrific that it leaves the audience feeling traumatized. Can it really live up to the hype? And what's so scary about it?

Incantation Leaves Fans Worried They're Cursed

A new horror film on Netflix includes a chant that viewers have been reciting at home, but this chant is a curse, and it's been leaving viewers terrified. This is a found footage film, like the Blair Witch Project, that claims to be a real account of recent events. Thankfully that's all for publicity and effect (obviously) but it won't stop horror fans from listening to the voices in their heads.

A great many viewers were left completely traumatized after watching the film:

While others claim to have enjoyed how disturbing it was:

We definitely don't advise this film for the faint-hearted. But if you're looking to push your own boundaries, then look no further. Good luck!