New Fortnite x League of Legends Collab Featuring Mel Leaks

Crossovers have become the bread and butter of Fortnite, with skins become one of the biggest selling points of the game.

Arcane Mel Fortnite
The Noxian aristocrat is set to join Fortnite I © Riot Games

While the talk of the entire Fortnite community has been centered around the imminent release of Dragon Ball-themed cosmetics, including the release of skins for Son Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus, League of Legends fans will be happy to hear a new collaboration between the MOBA and the battle royale is right around the corner, featuring Mel.

The information comes from none other than HYPEX, perhaps the greatest Fortnite inside you can possibly find. If he confirms the information, you can rest assured, that it'll more than likely come true.

New Fortnite x LoL Collab Features Mel Skin

HYPEX signal booster the information coming from two different sources that have been correct in the past. Believe us when we tell you, but if the man himself did it, that's almost a guarantee the collaboration is bound to happen.

What's interesting about this collab is that Mel is not actually a playable Champion in League of Legends, however, she is a prominent character in the massive Netflix hit show, Arcane, which is directly inspired by the world of Riot Games' MOBA.

It makes sense that Riot would want to team up once again with Epic Games while trying to hype the rumored release of Mel as a League Champion; furthermore, since Riot games are now available via the Epic Games store, it seems both companies are trying to build their relationship even more.

The previous crossover featured the wacky pyromaniac Jinx, the protagonist of Arcane, so there's a precedent for both companies to pick Arcane-specific cosmetics. Speaking of cosmetics, the Jinx bundle included a back bling, pickaxe, spray, a menu theme song, and two loading screens.

Mel league
League and Arcane fans rejoice, as Jinx could return to the store I ©Epic Games

If the Mel skin comes to the Fortnite item shop, that means Jinx will probably make her long-awaited return. I don't know about you, but I've been eager to get the skin since I missed out on it the first time it arrived in the game.

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