Best Shotguns In Fortnite

Carrying the right tool for the job in Fortnite is key to earning Victory Royales, especially during the latter stages of a match when there's not a lot of room to strategize.

Vibin fortnite
The right guns might skew things in your favor I ©Epic Games

Early on, a sniper rifle is perfect for long-ranged enemies and avoiding direct confrontations that might get you in trouble. But as the match progresses and the playable area gets smaller, you might want to ditch that for something a little bit more appropriate, like a shotgun.

Chapter 3 Season 3 offers a small variety of these long-barreled firearms, however, they are very sought after by players looking to cover all bases, since they are very reliable when things get extremely personal.

Not all shotguns work the same, obviously, some excel at different things: rate of fire, DPS, reload time, etc. Depending on your playstyle, you might prefer one over the other; having said that, we've taken the liberty to rank the shotguns we think are the best in the game currently.

What Is The Best Shotgun In Fortnite?

As we've mentioned, Chapter 3 Season 3 offers a small selection of shotguns, only three in total. They all work very differently, so despite such a low number, each has very distinct usages. One more thing, for the sake of comparisons, we opted for using stats of their Epic versions.

1.- Auto Shotgun

Auto shotgun
The auto shotgun reigns supreme in our eyes I ©Epic Games

With an incredibly fast rate of fire and decent damage output, the auto shotgun is perfect if you want to maintain yourself slippery during firefights. It's forgiving in the sense that you don't have a lot of downtown between shots so it's easily spammable, doing a very decent 98 damage per shot.

The biggest downside of the auto is the reload time, clocking at 5.41 seconds for a fully empty shotgun to reach max clip size. Still, since the auto reloads two pellets at a time, you don't have to wait almost six seconds to continue your offensive, making this our favorite close-ranged weapon in Fortnite at the moment.

2.-Striker Pump Shotgun

Striker pump
The striker pump hits like a truck I ©Epic Games

Coming in second is the striker pump shotgun, a slower but hard-hitting weapon that can get the job done with a single shot. It deals a massive amount of damage thanks to its 1.65x headshot multiplier, reaching 185 damage, more than enough to knock an enemy out quickly.

Regularly, it does 120 damage, so it's perfect to hit a shot and then finish the job with a secondary gun. The big drawback is the slow rate of fire, sitting at .65. Furthermore, unlike the auto, the striker pump only reloads one shell at a time, and it's not exactly the fastest gun to ready up for combat. You could see a lot of downtime between the slow rate of fire and the need to reload at least one shell.

Two-Shot Shotgun

Two shot
The latest is not the greatest this time around I ©Epic Games

Finally, in last place, is the two-shot shotgun. Introduced with Chapter 3 Season 3, the weapon sounded unbelievably good in theory, a weapon with a similar rate of fire to the auto shotgun, with a 1.75x headshot multiplier that reloads two shells at a time? Sign us up!

In reality, the two-shot shotgun is an inconsistent, uninspired mess that's all bite but no bark. The double pellet burst feels impossible to land, as a result, it deals the lowest amount of damage in practice due to how hard it is to hit both shots, and the rate of fire turned out to be almost a scam, since there's significant downtime between rounds.

So there you have it! We hope this small guide can help you make better decisions when looting on the Fortnite island.

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