Fortnite Ranger Shotgun: Stats & How To Get Them

Tired of the same three shotguns currently available in Fortnite? Then Epic Games has something new in store for you: the Ranger shotgun.

Fortnite Ranger Shotgun
The Ranger Shotgun is supposed to spice up the game a bit. | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 3, a slew of new shotguns came to the island. Now that we're kicking off Season 4 Epic Games has decided to give players another option in this regard with the latest update! The Ranger shotgun was first introduced in Chapter 3, Season 2. It offers more effectiveness at longer ranges than most shotguns. This shotgun can only be loaded with one cartridge, but it packs quite a punch. So don't panic when reloading.

Like any shotgun, you can use the Ranger shotgun in two different ways: by direct aim or by firing from the hip.

Fortnite Ranger Shotgun: Stats

The ranger shotgun in Fortnite is available from common to legendary, with each rarity dealing additional damage. However, the rate of fire and magazine size are the same at each tier. These are the stats for the Ranger shotgun:

rarityDPSDamage to StructuresBody Shot DamageMagazine SizeFire RateReload Speed


329.481109.8131.65 s
Uncommon345.686115.2131.575 s
Rare364.590121.5131.55 s
Epic383.495127.8131.425 s
Legendary402.399134.1131.35 s

The Ranger shotgun also has a 1.5x headshot multiplier and a maximum damage cap of 165. Keep in mind that while the DPS are calculated based on the stats, they aren't effective since, as mentioned above, the weapon will burst after each shot must be reloaded.

How to get the Ranger Shotgun

Luckily, the Ranger shotgun is available all over the island. It can be found on the ground, in chests, supply drops, reality seedlings, fishing, and sharks.

So you shouldn't have any trouble getting the Ranger Shotgun in Fortnite, but of course the rarer specimens are harder to find, so it's worth knowing all the locations of the upgrade benches in Chapter 3.

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