Dragon Ball Z x Fortnite Crossover Leaked

Fortnite has had more crossovers with other media franchises than all of its competitors put together, and they've just done it again. The upcoming Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite crossover has been leaked.

Fortnite is known for its crossovers. Rightly so. This is where Epic really do put the rest of the industry to shame. Name almost anything that's popular to modern teens, and Fortnite has done a collab. And their crossovers are so wide-ranging; from pop music, to other video games, to movie franchises, and even anime.

Speaking of anime, we recently had the Naruto skins, and these were phenomenally popular. It's no wonder therefore that they're trying to recreate this success with another huge anime brand: Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z x Fortnite Crossover Leaked

This leak comes from a king among Fortnite leakers (and trust us there are dozens of them), it's the one and only ShiinaBR, who first spotted a logo used in Dragon Ball Z in the Fortnite game files. Here's the logo and how it appears on new Fortnite items:

ShiinaBR actually suggested that a Dragon Ball Z crossover was going to come a year ago. It never happened and everyone laughed, and Shiina felt bad. So how delightful it must feel that they've been vindicated. MidaRado also found out that four Dragon Ball skins will appear in the game. Confirmed:

  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Beerus

The fourth skin is supposed to be a female character. We assume that this is Bulma. Yes, there's a reason these leakers are among the best in the business. We are very confident that the Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite franchises will work together.

If this is going to be anything like the Naruto crossover, then you can expect a bundle to come to the store which features a couple of the main characters, and a handful of accessories from the show. But that's on the low-end of what they could do, they could go wild and give us a crossover as good as Spider-Man.

What do you think about another anime crossover? Are you still there for it? Or, is this getting too much, even for Fortnite?