How To Get Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 welcomes Spider-Man as an exclusive Battle Pass skin! And to celebrate his arrival, you can equip yourself with the mythical Spider-Man web shooters and swing from house to house.

Spiderman fortnite wallpaper
Where can you find Spider-Man's mythical weapon? | © Epic Games

The wait is finally over and Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is here! The island of Chapter 2 has been flipped, bringing not only a completely new map, but also many new functions and features to the game. Among them, a brand-new slide mechanic!

But that was not all. With the arrival of Spider-Man in the Battle Pass, you'll also be able to swing from house to house with a new item, the mythical Spider-Man Web Shooters! But how do you get this special item? Stay tuned and find out how.

What Can The Mythical Spider-Man Web Shooters Do?

Spider Mans Netzschießer
Become Spider-Man! | © Epic Games

The mythical Spider-Man web shooter gives you the opportunity, as the name suggests, to shoot webs and experience a life with heroic superpowers on the island. Well, the new map itself doesn't have a lot of super tall buildings to swing from, we always have the massive towers players love to build. Also, it doesn't work exactly like you think it would but just know it's kind of OP and it is something you def. want to try out.

Every time you shoot a web, you get an insane boost and are incredibly fast. Almost exactly like in the Spider-Man movies themselves! You can equip the Spider-Man web shooter with any outfit, so you don't necessarily have to unlock Spider-Man in the Battle Pass first to do this.

Unfortunately, you can't use a weapon while swinging. But then Spider-Man's mythical gloves would probably be even more OP.

How To Get The Mythical Spider-Man Web Shooters

The Spider-Man web shooters are one of the coolest items so far in Chapter 3. The mythical Spider-Man web shooters were added to Fortnite on December 11 meaning you can already find them in the game. So let the swinging begin, for real no kappa, they are a blast to use. Want a web-shooter, then you will need to find one hiding around the map.

Spider-Man Web Shooters Locations

Spider Man Web Shooter Locations
Find your web shooters here! | ©

They are usually attached to a wall or tree with some spider webs, so you should keep an eye on your surroundings a bit. Note, however, that only the possible spawn locations are marked on the top of the map. If you don't find the web shooters at a certain location, just go to the next location or start a new round.

We wish you a lot of fun with swinging! Here you can check out the other new weapons of Chapter 3 or explore the map. Until then, you can check out the other new weapons in Chapter 3 or look at the new battle pass skins.