Fortnite Competitive Changes: Players Are Annoyed

Fortnite has announced that all the gameplay features introduced with the Ranked system will soon be added to competitive tournaments. And players are not thrilled.

Fortnite tournament changes
Fortnite changes the entire competitive system. | © Epic Games

Like many other online multiplayer games, a ranked system has now been introduced in Fortnite. The idea behind it is actually quite nice. Depending on your performance, you receive or lose percentages in a game.

If you always perform well, you rise up the ranks and can compete with the best Fortnite players out there on a worldwide leader board.

After most players were actually quite hyped at the beginning, the initial joy changed into pure frustration for most. Because the ranked system is hardly different from normal public games. And now Fortnite has also announced to adopt this system in their competitions and tournaments.

All Fortnite Competitive Changes For Upcoming Tournaments

In a tweet, Epic wrote about which gameplay features from Ranked will be making their way into tournaments.

  • Material limit is 500 (per material)
  • You get a bit more materials for harvesting structures
  • Players drop 50 of each material when eliminated
  • You no longer get health or shield when you eliminate an opponent (siphon)

Also, Fortnite tournaments are supposed to work just like Ranked, meaning there will be the same loot pool, as well as cars and NPCs, which most players find terrible in tournaments.

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Some pros have already spoken out about the competitive changes, writing things like "This has to be a joke" and "This could break the game" on Twitter.

Epic says they will continue to monitor the tournaments and make changes to the loot and other gameplay features as needed. So the hope still remains that they will listen to the players, and adjust the competitive system.

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