Fortnite Academy Champion Skins: Price, Release Date & More

Epic Games has announced a new Fortnite skin pack where the outfits are completely customizable. We have all the details about the Fortnite Academy Champion pack for you.

Fortnite academy champion skins
Customize the Fortnite Academy Champion skins to your liking! | © Epic Games

New skins are constantly being released in Fortnite. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to customize an outfit completely according to your wishes. Instead, one or two skins have been released that are at least somewhat customizable, such as the superhero skins.

And now a new pack has been announced where this is finally possible again! Here come all the details about Fortnite's Academy Champions.

Fortnite Academy Champions: Customizable Skins and Cosmetics

The Cosmetics for the Academy Champions will be released on June 2 at 2:00 in the Item Shop and will be available until June 8 at the same time. There are no packs for the skins themselves, just an equipment pack for the back accessory, pickaxe, cape, and loading screen.

There will be a total of 10 different skins, which will probably all cost around 2,000 V-Bucks. Here you have an overview of all cosmetics:

Fortnite academy champions
All customisable Academy Champion Cosmetics. | © Epic Games
  • Outfit Sporty Skirmisher
  • Outfit Studious Scout
  • Outfit Culture Club Commander
  • Outfit Midterm Maverick
  • Outfit Perfect Patroller
  • Outfit Ace Academic
  • Outfit Rebel Rial
  • Outfit Striker Senpai
  • Outfit Varsity Vanguard
  • Outfit Victory Valedictorian

The following items are available in the Academy Champions equipment pack:

  • Harvesting Tool Scholar Slashers
  • Back Bling 8-Bit Champions
  • Loading screen Clash of the Academies
  • Paint Banner Bearer

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Fortnite Academy Champions: All customisations

Let's get to what we're particularly interested in! The Cosmetics are customisable as follows:

Academy Champion Skins

  • 3 upper outfit options
  • 3 lower outfit options
  • 3 shoe options
  • 2 emblem options + option to disable emblem
  • 3 shading options
  • Primary and secondary hair colour options
  • Eye colour option
  • 3 upper outfit colour options
  • 3 lower outfit colour options
  • 3 shoe colour options

Harvest Tool Scholar Slashers

  • Colour 1
  • Colour 2
  • Shade

Back Accessory 8-Bit Champions

  • Chibi option
  • Shading
  • Reactivity
  • Backpack colour
  • Tabs colour
  • Screen colour
  • Chibi Hair Primary Colour
  • Chibi hair secondary colour
  • Body primary colour
  • Body Secondary Colour

As soon as the Academy Champions set is available in Fortnite, we will update the article with the exact prices for you.

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