Popular Fortnite Mode Deleted Forever

Epic Games has announced a new ranked system for Fortnite. Another popular mode of the game no longer has a future as a result of this change.

Fortnite arena mode deactivated
Fortnite is getting a Ranked Mode which also has an impact on other areas of the game. | © Epic Games

Folks, the clock is ticking. Because for fans of Fortnite Arena, it's goodbye now. Epic Games has announced in an official blog post that they are introducing a new ranked system in Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build, which also means that Arena mode will be deactivated forever.

Fortnite: When Will Arena Be Deleted

After nearly 16 seasons as Fortnite's main competitive game mode, Arena will be permanently discontinued at 9am on Wednesday 17 May. The move makes way for Fortnite's newly announced Ranked system, which will make its debut immediately after.

Arena queues were already briefly deactivated on 15 May. But the outcry was huge, so Epic has presumably decided to reactivate the arena modes for a few more hours. So everyone has another chance to dwell in nostalgia and jump off the Battle Bus one last time in the mode that has been with us for so long.

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Arena Mode was introduced back in 2019 in Chapter 1 Season 8, paving a way for many Fortnite esports players to enter the competitive scene.

The new Ranked system definitely offers new possibilities and we are curious how the mode will prevail, but we will definitely miss Fortnite Arena.

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