Fortnite x Goku Black: Release Date, Cosmetics, Price & More

After numerous Dragon Ball characters have already come to Fortnite, Goku Black is the next to join the Battle Royale. Here come the details.

Fortnite goku black
A new Dragon Ball character is coming to Fortnite! | © Bird Studio

After Epic Games has already brought numerous characters from the popular anime Dragon Ball to Fortnite, another character from the fandom is now ready to join the Battle Royale: it's Goku Black, the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super. Here are all details.

Goku Black From Dragon Ball Super Is Coming To Fortnite

The leaks about Goku Black coming to Fortnite come from popular dataminers Shiina and GMatrixGames. They found a male skin in the files under the codename DualParadox and are sure that the outfit is Goku Black from the anime Dragon Ball Super.

The skin has two different variants, one of which could be the alternate incarnation of Zamasu. Players will be able to switch between the two variants whenever they want, presumably with an integrated emote.

Also, the outfit features a paint job and a double pickaxe, which is apparently not visible when the character is sprinting.

Recently, the skin has already been teased via PlayStation Store:

Goku black fortnite dragon ball
Wir freuen uns auf Goku Black! | © Epic Games

Goku Black In Fortnite: Release Date

Since May 9 was Goku Day, fans actually thought that Goku Black would come to Fortnite on that day as well! Goku Day is an event that has been registered by the Japan Anniversary Association since 2015 (yes, there is an organization that tracks anniversaries in Japan).

If you're wondering why May 9, of all days, is Goku Day, it's easy to explain: The number 5 in Japanese is "Go" ご and "Ku ", 9. So GoKu, get it? Yep, very imaginative....

Well anyway... Unfortunately, the skin hasn't been released yet, but since the outfit has already been teased in the PS Store, it won't be long before it will be released in the item shop. We assume that it will be added to the game next week with Fortnite Patch 24.40. We will of course keep you posted and update this article as soon as there are new details.

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