Fortnite Sith Infiltrator Glider: How To Unlock It

The Fortnite Find the Force event kicked off a little while ago, where you can unlock exclusive rewards from the new Star Wars and Fortnite collaboration for early May, including the Sith Infiltrator Glider.

Fortnite sith infiltrator
Unlock the Sith Infiltrator glider in Fortnite by following a few steps. | © Epic Games

May the 4th is around, and Fortnite players can now celebrate in the best way possible: by unlocking free cosmetic items in one of their favorite video games through the Find the Force event, which is part of the latest Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event.

In this guide, we will explain how players can get their hands on the Sith Infiltrator glider, one of the free rewards that come with the Find the Force Star Wars Battle Pass in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How To Unlock Fortnite Sith Infiltrator Glider

Explore the Galactic Reputation Tab

The Find the Force Battle Pass was added to the game with the latest Star Wars update. To learn more about what's included in this event, players can explore the Galactic Reputation tab, which can be found next to the main Play tab.

Choose Your Reward Track

Players can either opt for the free reward track, which will give them access to the Clone Trooper skin, or the premium reward track, which can be purchased for 1,000 V-Bucks but gives players the chance to unlock four additional skins, including Darth Maul.

Complete the Sith Holocron Quest

The Sith Infiltrator glider does not appear in the same reward rows as the other items in the pass, as it is a Bonus Goal reward. In order to acquire it, players must complete a certain number of tasks, which in this case involves collecting three Sith Holocrons.

Collect the Sith Holocrons

Sith Holocrons are reddish, orange-colored, pyramid-shaped devices used to store knowledge in the Star Wars universe. To collect Sith Holocrons in Fortnite, players have to finish a certain number of Find the Force quest categories.

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Acquire the Sith Infiltrator Glider

Players can obtain the first Sith Holocron by completing 12 "the Force Within" quests, the first set of Find the Force quests. To receive the second and third Sith Holocrons, players must complete additional quests that will be released in the next two weeks of the event. Once all three Sith Holocrons have been collected, gamers will receive the Sith Infiltrator glider.

Fortnite is available on multiple platforms including Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Find the Force event will end on May 23, so players have until then to unlock the rewards.

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