Fortnite: How To Get The Free Lil' Sweeties Pickaxe

Within the Creative Builders Challenge you can now earn the free Lil' Sweeties pickaxe. We'll show you how.

Fortnite lil sweeties pickaxe
Want a free Fortnite pickaxe? Then grab it! | © Epic Games

The Creative Builders Challenge has kicked off and you can unlock two free Fortnite cosmetic items throughout the event, including the sugary sweet pickaxe Lil' Sweeties. We'll show you how!

How To Get The Lil' Sweeties Pickaxe In Fortnite

Epic Games gave six creator teams the task of designing their own Fortnite island within the Creative Builders Challenge. The community was then allowed to vote on which theme the island should be based around, and in doing so they were rewarded with the Cuddle Cube spray paint theme.

Although you can no longer get the spray motif, you can still get the Lil' Sweeties pickaxe, which is a lot cooler anyway!

The teams have until 06.05.2023 to build their islands, after that you have to play all six maps and then vote for your favourite on the Creative Builders Challenge website.

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The voting period starts on 6 May and ends on 12 May. Both rewards will be awarded within three weeks of the end of the Creative Builders event. So don't miss out on securing your free pickaxe!

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