Fortnite Kicks Out Popular Game Mode

Just recently, it was announced that a new ranked system will be introduced in Fortnite, and with it, the Arena mode will disappear. But it will also disable another popular mode of the game for an unknown amount of time.

Fortnite trio mode deactivated
We have to say goodbye to another popular Fortnite mode. | © Epic Games

Just recently, Epic Games announced that Fortnite's popular Arena mode will be deactivated forever. In exchange, the new Ranked system will be introduced, which could at least comfort players a little. But now came the next shocking news.

With Fortnite patch 24.40, in addition to the Arena mode, the Trio mode for Battle Royale and Zero Build will also be disabled for an indefinite period of time. Here are the details.

Fortnite Disables Trios

Trios originally came to the game in January 2019 as a temporary mode, but was so popular that it was later introduced as a permanent mode of Fortnite in 2021.

Epic Games did not give us a reason as to why the playlist was disabled. The patch notes for the May 17 update simply describe:

"Please note that Trios mode will no longer be included in Battle Royale and Zero Build in version 24.40."

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Players were not thrilled about this and vented their frustration on Twitter. For example, one user wrote:

This is pretty disappointing. I have over 1,100 trio games and this is the main mode I play. What mode am I supposed to play with my two friends? Disabling the trios mode should be reversed. If anything, Trios should be swapped out for one of the ranked modes before removing an existing mode.

Will Trios Return To Fortnite?

It is possible that Trios will return as a timed mode in the future. Unfortunately, everything else is still unknown. While there is speculation that the kicking out of Trios, will direct players to other modes and improve queue wait times, we don't know anything more specific from Epic.

Perhaps the outcry from players will be so great, however, that Epic will eventually decide to bring Trio mode back to Fortnite.

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