First a Cyberpunk Anime, Now This?

CDPR is turning Cyberpunk 2077 into a whole franchise: After an anime, the game will now live on in novel form. Check out the video if you're to lazy to read <3

You know what just hit me? Some RPGs like Skyrim or Morrowind legit have entire novels that can be found within the game. Cyberpunk isn't quite on that level, but the game does feature its fair share of writing, so a novel adaption isn't far fetched - yet still surprising.

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting a Novel

The novel will be released next year and was officially announced by CDPR as telling yet another tale set within Night City. The story is written by Polish science fiction writer Rafal Kosik, though I'm not sure if it is originally written in Polish or English.

Aside from everything you can see in the tweet above, not much is known about the novel, so all I can say is: That cover looks fire. Now, personally, I think a manga or comic-book adaption would suit the Cyberpunk franchise much better, but I'll also settle for another season of Edgerunners, which we're certain to get, considering just how successful and critically acclaimed the anime is.

CDPR has also already confirmed that they are working on a Cyberpunk sequel, along with many other new projects, so... it seems that after a terrible start, Cyberpunk is finally becoming everything it was meant to be.