Punisher & Daredevil Reboot Coming to Disney+

The Punisher was amazing. Daredevil was amazing. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones... we don't talk about that. Now, Disney+ is rebooting all of them. Is that good or bad?
Punisher daredevil disney plus
Hands down: Best superhero TV duo ever. | © Marvel

So, how did you guys feel about Luke Cage? Maybe I need to give it another shot, but I never really vibed with it. The show felt more cringe than cool, and the lead wasn't exactly screaming 'charisma'. Jessica Jones, while perfectly cast with Krysten Ritter, had issues of its own: Too tryhard edgy. With that in mind, it's funny that these two shows were deeply intertwined, while Marvel's best TV offerings were too: Daredevil and The Punisher. In particular, season 1 of the latter, was superhero TV at its best. Again, maybe I just didn't appreciate Jessica Jones and Luke Cage at the time, and maybe I need to rewatch them, and... maybe, I would've, if it wasn't for the fact that Disney+ might be rebooting the whole lot. Yup, all of it: The Good, the Bad and Iron Fist (yeah, that's the Ugly).

Disney+ Is Rebooting all Marvel TV Shows

The good news right off the bat: Disney+ intends to keep the cast. The bad news: That means they might keep Mike Colter and Finn Jones.

Still, I'll take it, since for the longest time, it seemed like none of these shows would ever make a comeback. Now, for Disney to bring them back along with Jon Bernthal and Charlie Cox? Yeah, I'll take Mike Colter and Finn Jones, if that's what it takes.

The rumors come courtesy of Daniel Ritchman at Knight Edge Media, and, according to him and his sources, the Disney+ adaption will be a soft-reboot. Simply put, that means that the Netflix shows will no longer be canon. Yeah... that sucks, mainly because it seems to come down to unnecessary corporate-BS. But, while losing all these storylines is worrying, one thing is even more worrying: Disney and The Punisher? Disney and The Punisher?! I mean... how is that ever going to work?

The Punisher screams rated-R and Disney is not exactly known for pushing violence. Sure, the Mandalorian goes hard at times, but The Punisher makes him look like a kitten.

I really have no idea how Disney is going to spin this, but if it means we get to see Jon Bernthal in all his angry glory again... hey, I'm all for it. Yeah, I don't love the idea of a soft-reboot, but the silver lining is that it means they might get rid of Karen and Foggy, because... f*ck Karen and Foggy, those annoying sh*ts.

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