Dr Disrespect Confronted by Security Guard at NBA Playoff Game

Dr Disrespect Suns-Clippers
Doc got in a bit of trouble at the Suns - Clippers game. | © Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is a fan of basketball and has the necessary funds to watch a playoff game courtside. His attempt to be courteous during the Phoenix Suns - Los Angeles Clippers clash turned out to be too much, though, and a security guard had to step in against Doc.

Dr Disrespect's love for basketball is well documented. The Two-Time is the tallest known streamer in the world at 6'8" and has a history of playing basketball in his youth, including playing at the NCAA Division II level during his college days at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

His love for the sport of tall people almost got him into trouble the other day, as an action of help towards a player got Doc in trouble with a security guard.

Dr Disrespect Pushed by Security Guard at NBA Playoff Game

Let's begin this story by setting up the atmosphere. We are at the Phoenix Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. We are at Game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers. The home team holds a 3-1 lead and is looking to close the series. The Clippers are trying to force a Game 6 back in LA.

Sitting courtside is Herschel Beahm, one of the most popular streamers in the world, dressed as his alter ego Dr Disrespect. The match is in its fourth and final quarter, the guest team is up by 7 and the crowd is heated. Trying to help his squad close the gap, Suns forward Cameron Johnson, he attacks the basket on a fast break. He scores! He's fouled! And one! Cam Johnson to the foul line! Cam Johnson in the stands.

The Suns player is fouled on his way up to the basket by Clippers veteran forward Marcus Morris. The hit sends Cameron flying out of bounds and into the audience. There, he drops on the ground before a 6'8" fan. That fan is Dr Disrespect, who shows the fallen player all the respect by giving him a hand. Help a brother get back on his feet, right? No! "You can't do that", says the security guard, while he pushes Doc back to his seat.

Touching players, even with good intentions, is a forbidden act in an NBA arena and being Dr Disrespect or being 6'8", or both, don't make you an exception.

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