Dune 2: New Trailer Already Makes It look Like The Best Sci-Fi Movie Of The Year

Dune 2 is getting closer and closer and this new trailer just makes it look better and better.

Dune 2
Dune 2 just dropped a new trailer & it looks glorious! | © Warner Bros. Pictures

Dune has become one of the biggest Sci-Fi franchises practically overnight, when the first movie released back in 2021. Now, the sequel is well underway and Dune 2 looks even better than the first movie!

Dune is a science fiction franchise, based on the novel by Frank Herbert. Set in a distant future amidst a feudal interstellar society, it centers on Paul Atreides, whose family is in control of the desert planet Arrakis.

  • If you want to really experience the whole story of Dune, you should probably get the books, as we don't know whether they will adapt the whole story (or how long that would take).

The planet is rich of a resource called spice, which is an invaluable substance for space travel, also granting psychic abilities.

Dune 2: New Trailer Promises More Action

The first reimagination of Frank Herbert's story (not the fever dream that was the 1984 adaptation) was a visual masterpiece with stunning music composed by Hans Zimmer and a great introduction to the world of Dune. It was kind of a slow burner though, which is why the new trailer for the sequel is so hype!

Just looking at the trailer, you can already see that we will get two things that were sorely lacking in the first movie: Zendaya, and some action.

Of course, Zendaya appeared in the first movie as well. For a solid 7 seconds or so!

And looking at the action, we got Jason Momoa taking care of some baddies, a couple of fight scenes, but they were few and far between of what the sequel will apparently be.

The first movie already was overwhelmingly well received, so now that it seems like they've stepped up the action, Dune 2 might just become the best Sci-Fi movie of the year (as long as they don't f*ck up what made the first movie so special).

Zendaya really is everywhere right now, she's even back for Spider-Man 4, but fans aren't too happy:

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