EarlyGame Artist of the Day: Meresha

Who is Meresha? Today, we answer that question.

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Meresha is the artist of the day!

Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision. She is an #AlienPop innovator; so far the first in the genre.

Her 2019 single "Jungle Potion" went viral hitting a million streams in a few weeks, including while on Ariana Grande's official personal playlist. Meresha debuted it live at Gov Ball in New York.

AllMusic named Meresha's EP "Enter the Dreamland" one of the Top 20 Albums of the year globally (Pop). The video for the lead song won the Music California Viewers' Choice Award. Meresha debuted the EP for 40,000 at SunFest, sharing the stage with Marshmello and Jon Bellion. Meresha made Billboard charts several times, was the #1 indie artist on US radio for a month and had her music featured on TV internationally, including on MTV.

1. What is your favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

The soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII is quite amazing. There’s a lot of great music on it. Pieces like “One-Winged Angel” are particularly powerful. The Composer - Nobuo Uematsu has said that he drew inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and other rock legends, though his creation lives in a world all of its own.

2. Who's your favorite Video Game Music Composer?

Anyone who has spent time in Super Mario or Zelda worlds will know the music of Koji Kondo. I spent a good amount of time growing up in the Nintendo universe. The music has almost melded with my DNA.

3. What’s your favorite video game?

I lived for a while in the Sims 4 world. Was great to create simulated worlds. Think it was also a great way to develop creativity while lost in an alternative universe.

4. Did any game ever inspire you to do music?

Koji Kondo’s Zelda Ocarina of Time continues to be a source of inspiration. I think it is the last title he alone composed all the music. He was certainly ahead of his time.

5. What video game are you currently playing?

I would point out a classic - Spore, a game that has had a big influence on me. The scope of the game is massive - from spores through to intergalactic travel. Since I also loved Sims, think you might see a pattern in which games resonated most with me.

6. Would you ever like to write music for video games?

Yes, I would love to make some enchanting melodic modal music for magical computerized worlds, providing a unique mood to players' cyber adventures through modular synths and software instruments. The video for my current single “Hawai’i” looks like it was filmed in a video game, as I did it in Virtual Reality together with Yabal. Concert goers were able to join too as avatars in the virtual venue.

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Meresha’s socials: https://linktr.ee/meresha