EarlyGame Artist of the Day: Sam Shaky

Who is Sam Shaky? Today, we answer that question.

Sam shaky
Sam Shaky is the Artist of the Day! | © Sam Shaky

The struggle is real.

Souls are lost across the globe on a daily basis, however, there is still hope for us. Music for all the heartbroken misfits.

The Finnish-born Sam Shaky treads the line between dark, ethereal Pop and Alternative Rock.

His debut single ‘Tomorrow’, made its way to 5th place on Spotify Finland Viral 50. His follow-up single ‘Don’t Let Go’ reached 4th place on the same chart and received a feature on the highly regarded ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist on Spotify.

Sam's forthcoming album, ‘Arctic Americana’ is a continuation of his story up until now. ‘Don’t Play With The Devil’ is the first single release of the album; featuring Steve Wilmot (OneRepublic, Switchfoot) on production, Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Mark Ronson) on analog synths and legendary Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Kiss) on keys.

Sam Shaky is for anyone seeking the rough and the experimental, it’s for lovers of Pop to Rock and Alternative, it’s for those looking for sincerity. Above all, it’s for those craving an experience that far surpasses the hollow, cookie-cutter world.

1. What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

As a huge fan of good old westerns, my favorite video game soundtrack is “The Last Of Us” by Gustavo Santaolalla. There’s so much depth and soul in that soundtrack. It takes me right away to a different world when I hear that.

2. Who's your favorite video game music composer?

I have to say Gustavo Santaolalla is my favorite. He’s only done the soundtracks for The Last Of Us 1 & 2, but his approach in making so cinematic tracks really catches me. I also like Nathan Whitehead’s soundtrack for “Days Gone”.

3. What’s your favorite video game?

As a fan of Westerns, this might not come as a surprise; but I like a lot of “Red Dead Redemption”. Action with good soundtrack and great storylines gets my points.

4. Did any game ever inspire you to do music?

I’ve always loved video games that include cinematic trailers with amazing soundtracks. So yes, I think they’ve influenced me as a songwriter.

5. What video game are you currently playing?

At the moment while I’ve been writing and recording my debut album, I’ve been playing something relaxing and easygoing and that’s Tony Hawk's ProSkater.

6. Would you ever like to write music for video games?

I would love that! Gustavo Santaolalla is a great example when combining something old and new from different worlds can create something really beautiful. If anyone wants to collaborate feel free to message me, ha!

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