PlayStation 5 Giveaway by EarlyGame | It's PS5 Time!

My Early Game PS5 Giveaway 2
That's right, we're giving away a PS5! Better get in quick...

It's time for our PlayStation 5 giveaway, available to everyone who's subscribed to MyEarlyGame! Entry is simple, free, and could score you a PS5. Do you know how hard it is to get the new PlayStation? Well, we do, and we scored one. But we love you, so we're giving it away for free!

To enter our Free PlayStation 5 giveaway, all you need to do is create a MyEarlyGame account, and answer a short survey! MyEarlyGame is a new service we're developing, which allows you to not only customize your EarlyGame experience but much more. Our vision is to build the best gaming outlet out there, catering to all of your needs.

Play Station 5 Release
All you need to enter our PS5 Giveaway is join MyEarlyGame, and answer our brief survey! (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Right now, we offer a customized news feed, where you can choose to only see content that you're actually interested in. Additionally, you will automatically be part of monthly MyEarlyGame Giveaways, and will get access to exclusive deals that we offer to the MyEarlyGame community. To top all this off, you have access to monthly community tournaments, with attractive prize pools. Oh, and this is just the beginning...

MyEarlyGame is evolving quickly, and we will be adding awesome new features over the coming months and years. The thing is, though, this is why we want to hear from YOU! We want MyEarlyGame to be the future of video game journalism and community, so we want your input on how we can improve upon our service, new features that you would like to see, and what would make your ideal video game website.

That's where this cool a$$ giveaway comes in – we want your feedback, and we want you to have a PS5. So...

How Do I Enter EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway?

This is super bloody painless, and will take you only a few minutes.

  • Join MyEarlyGame, or already have a MyEarlyGame account – it's all completely free!
  • Answer our super brief survey below, so that you can give us your feedback on what you would like to see in MyEarlyGame.
  • Make sure to share this article with your buddies, via the share buttons at the end of the article.
  • Voila! You are in the running to win your very own PlayStation 5!

Who Can Enter EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway?

Anyone can enter EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway! That means anywhere in the world, if you are human, then you can join this giveaway. All you have to do is join MyEarlyGame, and answer our survey... so stop asking questions, and get on with it!

EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway will run from March 26, through to May 05 (2021), when the winner will be chosen at 18:00 CEST.

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