Are You A Noob? 10 Famous Terms Every Gamer Has To Know

Have you ever gotten into a new game and just didn't understand a word anyone said? What is an Easter Egg, what is Kiting? Well, I sure hope that you know all the following terms by now!

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So you wanna be a gamer?

If you have ever participated in a multiplayer game, or maybe watched a guide for a video game you want to get better at, you probably have been confronted with words and phrases you didn't understand at first.

In multiplayer games, it can be especially frustrating because not knowing these terms makes you look like a noob. So if you don't want to be a casual, here are 10 terms you should know.

Btw. I purposefully picked terms used in different games, even though I easily could've made a list, simply by using hate terms from League of Legends.

Terms Every Gamer Needs To Know


I mean, I already mentioned League, so let's start off with a term used a lot in League of Legends. Ganking refers to a group of character ganging up on the player, mostly ending with him feeding.


So yeah, great transition, right? Feeding is also a phrase often used in League of Legends, especially against my team's bot lane. It means that my team is bad and giving free kills to the enemy team! More broadly, it is used in League because the player that kills you gets money by doing so and can buy better items. If you die repeatedly, that's feeding.


That's pretty much what I do after my teammates keep feeding. It means insulting the other players because they play like monkeys!


This one is a gameplay tactic mainly used by long-range characters, where you try outplaying an opponent by using movement and range to your advantage. If Mohammed Ali were a gamer, he would be insane at kiting.


One of the worst things you have to deal with in games. Spamming refers to players using the same ability over and over again. Most of the time, they use some OP ability that just wrecks you and has little to no drawbacks.


Not the little blue guys you could see on TV, but an experienced player, posing as a noob, just to play against newbies and compensate for his micro...


This term refers to what tactic experienced players use to control spaces. Just by being at a certain location, you deter the enemy from going anywhere near there. It's pretty much what my mother-in-law does when she is staying the night at our place.

Rage Quit

You've done it yourself, don't lie! It means leaving an ongoing match or game because you just can't handle it anymore. Happens a lot when you have feeding teammates flaming you and a smurf in the enemy team.


More of a shooter term. Fragging pretty much just means killing. It's not really special I know, but what can I do?


This pretty much means, that you start losing it. You mess up once and from there on start losing your cool, making more mistakes, getting annoyed, the whole package. You're not level-headed anymore. Sorry for the pun, had to be.

So yeah, these 10 gaming terms are now living rent-free in your head, and you can use them any time you want. They are my present to you. If you already knew them, I hope my explanations were relatable enough.