Hit-Monkey: New Animated Marvel Show – Release Date & More

Hit Monkey Marvel TV Show
Hit-Monkey. Because Marvel can. | © Marvel

Marvel's Hit-Monkey is the next Marvel show lined up for TV. The animated show got an official release date on Hulu, and it is going to be violent.

Hit-Monkey is a rather new Marvel character: He first appeared in 2010 and was then featured in Deadpool. Essentially, Hit-Monkey is exactly what the name suggests: A monkey that kills people. How did he learn how to kill people? Well, naturally, he learned by observing an assassin that was hiding amongst his group of Japanese macaques. You can't make this sh*t up, except that Marvel did, and they've done a marvelous job at it. Pun intended. The fact that Hit-Monkey was only conceived in 2010 and is already coming to TV is testament to his potential.

Hit-Monkey: Release Date & Trailer

What can I say that you can't see in the trailer anyway? Animation is crisp, voice-acting is on point, and the entire vibe is to die for. Also, in case some of those voices sounded familiar: Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn and George Takei are doing the honors.

Marvel is not just busy on the TV front – they're also getting it in with some games:

Hit-Monkey will release on November 17th on Hulu... so mark this day in your calendar, it's gonna be epic!

I'm hyped for this, because Hit-Monkey continues a trend that I love: Good, mature, Western animation shows. I'm an anime nut, and it's just sad that, for the longest time, Avatar was the only real good anime-epic we had. Not that there's anything wrong with Avatar, it was just a shame that Western studios never understood the appeal, draw, and potential of anime. Fast-forward to now, and we got Invincible, Castlevania, Yasuke, Blood of Zeus, and many more. Now, we also have Hit-Monkey. Love it.

Next, all we need is more animated Marvel shows and an entire 'Marvel Animated Universe' to stand next to the MCU. Imagine: An entirely connected universe of animated Marvel shows... it would, quite literally, be the most epic anime ever and the potential is limitless.

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