Jake Paul Claims He Made 'Eight-Figures' From The Woodley Fight

Jake Paul Earning 8 figures
Can he really have earned this much? | © Twitter

Jake Paul has walked away from the Tyron Woodley fight with another win, and - he claims - an enormous amount of cash. According to the influencer-turned-boxer, he earned an eight-figure sum, so at least $10,000,000. Is this nonsense?

It's easy to hate Jake Paul, he invites the attention, and he's great at trash talk. A lot of boxing fans are waiting to see him get pummelled. But since he first appeared in his match against KSI, Jake Paul has gone on to earn the begrudging respect of many viewers. He's earned the right to call himself a boxer.

As a professional boxer who seems to be going from strength to strength, it shouldn't be any surprise that he's earning so much from these fights. But is a figure of ten million realistic?

How Much Did Jake Paul Earn For The Woodley Fight?

Jake Paul claimed that he earned an eight-figure profit from the fight against Tyron Woodley, In an interview with the Daily Mail. He went on to defend the amount he has been earning:

“I work blood, sweat, and tears in the gym, but this is a product of working day in and day out since I was 17 years old.”

...but the story thickens. Because despite Paul's claims, CBS sport reported that:

The Ohio State Athletic Commission released the official fight purses for the event, with Woodley and Paul both earning $2 million for the fight.

This would be far closer to what we expect. Seven figures would still make him one of the most well-paid boxers in the world - and he began his boxing career very late in life when compared to the fighters he's against.

In the future, though, who knows; Jake Paul's fights reliably bring in viewers, more than almost anyone else. But more than money, his sights are clearly fixed on the big one - McGregor.

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