How to Stream Netflix on Discord?

Netflix on Discord
There's a way to watch Netflix together, even when you're not technically together. | © Netflix

Want to watch a movie or TV series with friends, family or your significant other, but they are not in the same room as you? No worries, we'll explain how to stream Netflix on Discord, so that you don't miss out on the experience of watching together!

Discord is such a handy app! For a free service, it provides users with plenty of options and different things you could do on it. One of those is streaming Netflix. We will explain, step by step, how to do it.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord

  1. Open Discord on your browser. Google Chrome users must first disable Hardware Acceleration from browser settings.
  2. Log into Netflix and open the movie or show that you wish to stream.
  3. Head back to Discord and enter the server in which you are going to stream.
  4. Enter the server's voice channel, then share your screen.
  5. Select the Netflix window from the share options screen.
  6. Go live.
  7. Watch a movie of your choice

For further convenience, check the resolution and framerate, so that you and your companion(s) don't miss out on quality.

Unfortunately, while technically possible and in a way much easier, streaming Netflix on Discord through a phone is often times futile. That's because you can only share your one screen, i.e. - you skip the step where you choose a window which to share, and it's much easier for Netflix's DMCA defenses to detect your activity. The result is almost always a black screen for your viewers.

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