Ibai Claims His World-Record Stream Got Capped By Twitch

Ibai set the Twitch world record with his boxing event but the actual audience may have been even bigger than Twitch could handle.

Ibai twitch record
Ibai claims his world record stream was even bigger than Twitch gave him credit for │ © Ibai

Staying true to Twitch really paid off for Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea. With his annual boxing event La Velada del Año 3 ("the evening of the year") he broke his own record for the biggest live audience.

The event went through the roof with nearly 3.5 million viewers at its peak. Or at least that's the peak that Twitch showed – it does seem kinda suspicious that the viewer count never got higher than 3,449,999 viewers.

Ibai now addressed the issue. For those of us who actually speak Spanish, here's the original video. Below we'll explain the gist of it for our English speaking folks!

Ibai Suspects Twitch Capped The Viewer Count

Basically, Ibai says in his stream that the viewer count never exceeded the magic mark of nearly 3.5 million. With commentators encouraging the viewers to tune in with mobile devices as well to push the previous peak even higher, it actually does sound weird that the stream never got an even bigger (if artificially created) viewer count.

Other users reported the viewer count glitched out on Twitch, switching between 0 viewers and the 3.4 million peak. Others claim to have seen 5 million viewers displayed on Twitch, the official count stopped at the world record setting 3.4 million though.

Ibai claims to have spoken with experts on the matter and explains that it's highly unlikely the event never exceeded the 3.4 million viewers. He feels "robbed" of viewers by Twitch and the possibility of setting an even higher world record.

He showed a bit of understanding as well, saying he thinks this happened so the Twitch servers could run stably. That's as good as a guess as any!

It's actually not that surprising that Twitch seems to have messed up again – wouldn't be the first time. So it's entirely possible that Ibai is right with his claim. If Twitch will address the issue remains to be seen.

Whatever the case may be, the point still stands that this event was another huge success. Congrats Ibai!

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