Is Indiefoxx Banned from TikTok?

Indiefoxx ban from TikTok
Indiefoxx is gone from TikTok. | © Indiefoxx/TikTok

Indiefoxx is struggling a lot with her social media game as of late. The hot tub and ASMR streamer was banned from Twitch two weeks ago and her account still hasn't been restored. Now some circumstantial evidence suggests that Indiefoxx is banned from TikTok too.

Indiefoxx gathered a huge Twitch following thanks to her increasingly suggestive content during the last several months. In the end, her shenanigans caught up to her and public outcry of double standards forced Twitch's hand. Indiefoxx' sixth Twitch ban is yet to be lifted as it approaches half a month in length.

That undoubtedly stressful period has taken the streamer to different platforms and alternative ways of making money. Indiefoxx tried her hand at TikTok, while at the same time attempting to sell her Twitch videos as NFTs on the open market.

We don't know how the garage sale is going, but we do know that Indiefoxx's TikTok account is gone.

Is Indiefoxx Banned from TikTok?

Indiefoxx's TikTok account is missing. Was it banned though? There's a decent possibility. Indie shared one of her TikTok videos on Instagram over the weekend, but while everything was just fine on Insta, if you attempt to find the video on TikTok, you would be left empty-handed.

That's because Indiefoxx's entire channel cannot be found. It just isn't there. Not a peep. With Indie's rich ban history, making the conclusion that she somehow got herself kicked off TikTok isn't far-fetched. There is a second angle to this, however.

Just a day prior to her TikTok account disappearing, Indiefoxx created a backup Twitter account and to be honest, her intense post schedule and a couple of tweets in particular leave the impression that she is not in a good spot right now.

Indie is obviously in an emotional state currently, and it's a plausible scenario that she gave herself a break from TikTok willingly to clear her head.

Regardless, when someone i going through a rough patch, we're not ones to kick them while they're down. No matter, what anyone thinks of Indiefoxx's content or whatever, we just gotta wish her the best and hope she picks herself up. No one deserves to feel like sh*t.

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