Indiefoxx Keeps Making Money Off Twitch Despite Ban

Indiefoxx selling NFTs
Indiefoxx never stops the grind for money. | © Indiefoxx

Indiefoxx has been gone from Twitch for a week, and she's already cooked up a scheme to sell her product in alternative ways. Indiefoxx is going into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and will try to make money that way while her Twitch account is banned.

It's easier to catch something when it happens, but it seems that when it's happening – present continuous – then it's harder to realize it. Yet, after many, many complaints of Twitch's double standards concerning some streamers, and Indiefoxx in particular, she got and keeps getting what the complainers think she deserves.

Indie was banned on June 28. Unlike all of her previous bans, though, this one lasted beyond the three-day mark. In fact, it's now been 10 full days since her channel was last active. This "inconvenience" has left Indiefoxx in unfamiliar waters, but she's not just sitting around waiting. The exiled streamer has a plan.

Indiefoxx Selling Twitch Clips as NFTs

Indiefoxx cannot create new Twitch content right now. That doesn't mean that she's not trying to make money off of the content that already exists. The streamer has taken a number of her clips on the platform and is presenting them as NFTs for sale on another site.

Overly-simplified: NFTs are a unit of data stored on a blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique. Access to a copy of the NFT is not restricted but while copies of the NFT are available for anyone to obtain, the one you purchased's presence in the blockchain can prove your ownership of that particular copy.

Each purchase of Indiefoxx's clips would result in 10% of said purchase to go directly to her. Don't know what Twitch's shares are exactly, but it kind of seems like this particular streamer has seen better days.

Then again, she's seen worse too for sure, because all the clips on sale are SFW, i.e. - you won't find a clip of Indiefoxx in a hot tub on the NFT market. Testing the waters before going all-in?

Maybe we'll find out more when a promised "exclusive, very limited edition drop" arrives on Twitter. We don't exactly know when that's going to happen, but it's likely that the only way to check on Indiefoxx until then, would be through buying her NFTs.

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