Invincible Season 2 Will Only Have 4 Episodes... At First

Invincible season 2 has been highly anticipated, but it looks like things won't go as smoothly as fans hoped.
Invincible season 2 will be short... for a while | © Amazon

Invincible has been a smashing hit for Amazon and quickly garnered quite the fan base. No surprise there, as within the very first episode it took pretty much all superhero tropes and smashed them on their heads!

Especially with the mind-blowing season finale, people have been desperately waiting for Invincible season 2, and when the announcement finally dropped we got some bad news. Invincible season 2 will only release the first 4 episodes in 2023.

  • If you haven't read the comics, you definitely should! The comics are a little different and there's a reason why they got animated! Because they're so damn good! So here's Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 for you to check out.

If you didn't know, Amazon's Invincible is based on the popular comic book series with the same name, written by Robert Kirkman. The story is praised for its character development, long-form storytelling, and violent action sequences, something the Amazon series adapts really well!

Invincible Season 2 Will Release In Two Parts

It seems like two part releases are rising in popularity ever since Stranger Things did it so successfully in season 4. Now, not only did The Witcher adapt this for season 3, but apparently Invincible did the same for the upcoming season 2!

Apparently, the first four episodes of Invincible will air on November 3, while the rest will release sometime in 2024. Amazon dropped this announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con, but refused to elaborate on the reason for this decision.

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