James Gunn's Suicide Squad Won't Address Previous DC Movies

Joker & Harley Quinn
The Suicide Squad is going to distance itself from Jared Leto's Joker. | © DC

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is not going to address any of the previous DCEU films directly. That of course includes the 2016 attempt at a Suicide Squad movie.

The Suicide Squad is a few weeks away from theater launch and more and more details of the movie are being released. With Suicide Squad barely five years old, it is natural for fans to wonder if the new version will have anything to do with the old one. If so, to what capacity? Producer Peter Safran clarified what we can expect in that regard.

Will James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Reference Suicide Squad?

No, it will not, at least not in a "tangible" way. Some of the key characters are obviously going to be there again, in most cases played by the same actors, but that's pretty much as far as it goes. That, and the general premise of cast-off villains being gathered as Task Force X and fighting even worse villains, of course.

The news that the new Suicide Squad won't be influenced by the first isn't a surprise. First of all, Gunn's movie was never marketed as a sequel. Second of all, the 2016 film was panned by fans and critics. Makes all the sense in the world to pretend like the other movie doesn't exist. Superhero flicks do that all the time to maximize the money-making opportunities.

There is something curious in Safran's comments still. The Suicide Squad won't just ignore its predecessor. It will do the same to other entries in the DCEU too. Birds of Prey, for example, isn't going to be referenced in any way. The Harley Quinn-Joker romance will be glided over as well.

This just goes to confirm that the DCEU is desperately seeking to start a new chapter in its film-making that would hopefully level up the field against Marvel to a point. A battle DC lost heavily over the previous decade.

Giving James Gunn full reigns over a potentially exciting concept for a superhero flick that was butchered before is a clear indicator of DC's dedication towards a different outcome in this decade.

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