Twitch Hot Tub Streamer Banned For Making Out On Stream

twitch streamer kjanecaron banned
This Twitch Streamer had a little bit too much fun on stream... | © kjanecaron

Popular streamer Kjanecaron was banned for making out with her friend during one of her legendary pool streams. Twitch has banned Kjanecaron for kissing a female friend for a number of seconds on camera, with Twitch deeming it inappropriate. Why was Kjanecaron banned from Twitch?

Yes, you heard that right. Not even a hot tub stream, what a shame! It was an ordinary swimming pool on an ordinary summer's day, so why was Kjanecaron banned...? Oh yeah, she full-on made out with her friend on stream! Apparently it was not the bikini's, it was not the swimming, it was the kissing that Twitch took offense to. Makes sense, right? Anyone can kiss in a Disney movie, but not on Twitch – most certainly not!

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Kjanecaron Banned from Twitch For Frenching

Yes, Kjanecaron was banned from Twitch for making out on stream. It seems a bit bizarre, to be honest. Twitch, it's not just the French who enjoy a good deep kiss. It's natural, all human beings do it. Especially whilst standing bikini-clad next to a swimming pool. On stream. Totally normal. Still, it seems that Twitch are such prudes that they may as well be a dehydrated plum. Sorry, that's a prune...

We thought that this banning problem would end when Twitch decided to make their Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. Apparently we were wrong, because the simple act of kissing can set these oldies off like milk sets off my... sorry, too much information.

The thing is, why Kjanecaron got banned from Twitch on July for the simple act of snogging (whilst wearing a bikini) is beyond me. Seriously, have you ever gone to a bar, a supermarket, an empty car park, a full restaurant, a high school, a university, (hopefully not) a work place? People eat face everywhere! In my mind, as long as nobody's bumping uglies, what's the problem, right?

It seems that Kjanecaron was also a tad confused about the ban, first believing that it had something to do with a sexual candle that she had shown on camera. When she found out that she had been banned for the simple act of kissing her bestie, she let us know in a very humorous Instagram video.

No matter the meta, no matter the stream, it seems that Twitch will continue their banning ways for quite a long time to come...

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