Matrix Resurrections Is Not A Sequel!

Matrix Resurrections is supposed to do a lot differently than the community expects. Or in other words: The sequel will not be a sequel.

Matrix Resurrection
What adventure awaits Neo and Trinity this time? | © GQ

In case you've been living under a rock: the Matrix Resurrections is coming out on Christmas Eve. We're going to see many familiar faces again, which might be surprising if you've seen the conclusion of the original trilogy, and the story of Neo is going to be revisited but from a new perspective. It does actually look quite exciting, but it's best to just take another look for yourself:

You probably recognized the new Morpheus. More on that later. But there are even more details about this film that we know from sources other than the trailer…

The Matrix Resurrections Is Not A Sequel

Some plot details have already been made public. For example, we already know that Neo and Trinity, who died at the end of The Matrix Revolution's (2003), live in San Francisco. They have no memories of the events in the trilogy - or of themselves. A younger Morpheus, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, leads them back into the world of the Matrix. According to the actor, this is a younger version of Morpheus, which would make sense. “You will understand when the film comes out.” Exciting. So far, it all sounds like a prequel, doesn't it?

Not quite. Co-author David Mitchell gave the fans a little preview of the fourth part of the Matrix:

"I saw the film in Berlin in September. It's pretty good. But of course I can't tell you exactly what it's about. But I can tell you what the film is definitely not: a sequel. The film is independent , which processes the three previous films in a unique way. It is beautiful and yet a comical creation. In addition, it achieves some things that can hardly be imagined in action films. The world of blockbusters is turned upside down. "

With these statements, Mitchell definitely built a certain tension. But what can we expect from the sequel to the legendary sci-fi film series? Unfortunately, we cannot answer that exactly just yet. We will have to wait until The Matrix Resurrections is released in late December.