Michael B. Jordan Is The New Superman

Michael B Jordan Superman HBO
All aboard the hype train | © Collider/HBO/EarlyGame

We are hyped already. According to Collider, Michael B. Jordan and his production company Outlier Society are set to develop an HBO Max production, with a Black Superman. Jordan himself could star as the Val-Zod incarnation. Read everything about it right here.

Ok, let's break this down: First, Warner Bros. planned a new Superman on the big screen. With J.J. Abrams as director. Sounds good? It gets better.

According to Collider, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and his production company are working on another Krypton-themed project. It is said, that it will come to Warner's HBO Max. Speculations suggest that it will be a series, makes sense since J.J. will be doing a movie.

Michael B. Jordan As Val-Zod

The big difference between Abram's Superman movie and Jordan's project will be, that the Outlier Society production will not feature a classic Clark Kent as Superman. That's nice to hear. I mean, how many "Clark Kent is Superman“ movies, stories and series are there already?

Instead, Jordan is set to star as Val-Zod, a Kryptonian from Earth-2 in the DC Multiverse. He took the mantle of Superman after Kal-El (his foster brother) was killed in an invasion of Parademons. If you want to read more about his backstory, check out his wiki.

Michael B Jordan Superman Val Zod
Val-Zod is awesome | © DC

Warner Bros. plans this different Superman plot for years. Henry Cavill the Superman from Man of Steel, could leave DC and walk over to Marvel. And since Warner is getting more spins in the DC universe, we may see a different star as Superman.

Superman & Lois is the latest CW show, that came to television this year. My Adventures With Superman will be an animated series, coming in 2022 for HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

We're really excited about this new Superman approach. Whether it will be a short spin-off series or the new main story in an ever more exciting DC universe - we are looking forward to it.

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