Netflix Is Hiding Something About GTA 6

Gta6 netflix
What is Netflix up to? (Credit: Netflix/Rockstar)

Over the past week, Netflix France has been releasing cryptic tweets about the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise - GTA 6. What do they know?

Grand Theft Auto V came out all the way back in September 2013, wow really makes you feel old sometimes. Almost 8 years later the game is still as popular as ever, and why wouldn't it be? GTA V gets regular updates, patches and even the community lends a helping hand with loading times.

What Does Netflix Know About GTA 6?

As mentioned, it has been some time since we saw a new installment in the GTA franchise. Many of us expected GTA 6 would be released by now, but it isn't. Recently, Netflix France has mentioned GTA 6 on Twitter and that raised some questions.

What could Netflix and GTA 6 have in common? Why would Netflix have any insider info on the next title in the series? Could it be a marketing move by Rockstar Games? The short conversation that went on Twitter goes something like this:

  • "En gros, GTA VI, c’est prochainement quoi. - Basically, GTA VI is coming soon."
  • "Ça veut dire quoi ? - What does that mean?"
  • "Qu'on risque d'attendre le jeu pendant encore un moment. - That we might be waiting for the game for a while."

Rumors of GTA 6 being in development have been floating around for years but Rockstar hasn't confirmed anything yet. Grand Theft Auto V has been a tremendous success and even broke sales records in 2021. It'll be quite the challenge for the studio to live up to expectations with the next installment that is GTA 6.

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GTA 6 Release Date

According to Netflix GTA 6 is "coming soon" but soon could be a year or more. If the game gets pushed to 2023 we'll be 'celebrating' a decade without a new Grand Theft Auto game. There's one thing we're certain about - the hype for the game will go through the roof once Rockstar reveals an official release date for GTA 6.

What we have so far is only some rumors and speculation about the locations in GTA 6. The game might be going a few decades back in time to the glorious eighties, so there's a high chance it won't be as "modern" as GTA V. Are you excited about GTA 6? When do you expect it to drop? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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