Netflix Sued: Squid Game Has to Remove Controversial Scenes

Netflix was sued over scenes in Squid Game that caused some real life trouble. Now, the scenes have to be removed.
Squid game scene removed phone number
Probably the man's face, after receiving thousands of phone calls per day. Probably. | © Netflix, Squid Game

So, a man in Korea got about four thousand phone calls per day, because his phone number happened to be the number shown on a business card in the show. Yeah... what are the chances. Either that, or there's somebody particularly cruel in the set-design department.

Of course, essentially enabling harassment is no good, so, ironically, the show that is about ultra-violent games, has to remove a scene because of a mere phone number.

“Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary."

Yes, as funny and weird as this is, this is a big deal. Netflix was actually sued by a South Korean internet provider due to them experiencing a huge surge in traffic.

More on Squid Game:

It doesn't make things easier that this particular phone number is actually very important to the plot and shown numerous times throughout the show. Now, Netflix will have to somehow fix this, while millions of people around the globe are watching the show.

Anyway, I feel for the poor man receiving thousands of calls per day, because... that sh*t can really f*ck a day up.

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