Netflix Releases Trailer For Tekken TV Series

Tekken is coming to Netflix. Here's a sentence I never expected to write. We have all the details on the upcoming animated Tekken Netflix series.

Netflix tekken anime
Artstyle looks clean tho. | © Netflix

Honestly, Tekken has one of the worst storylines in the history of ever. It's all convulated, twisted, tryhard-complex, and just needs a lot of wikis and nerdgasms to even make sense. There is no reason whatsoever anyone should ever want to turn this mess of a story into a TV series, yet, here we are: Netflix announced an animated Tekken TV series... what the hell.

Tekken Netflix Anime

Unsurprisingly, the main character will be Jin, and the story will revolve around his twisted family and his participation in the Iron Fist Tournament. More surprisingly, Netflix is planning to release the Netflix anime this year still, even though they just announced it. In fact, they did more than just announce it - we got a little trailer too:

The official story synopsis reveals that Jin will be out to avenge everything he lost after a monstrous evil attacked. As part of his avenging desires, Jin stops by the Iron Fist tournament to test his stength. In the trailer, Heihachi and Kazuya naturally also make apperances, as do Leroy Smith, King, Paul, Jun, and Ogre.

I mean... who knows... maybe they'll actually clean up the mess that is the Tekken storytelling, and turn this into a decent martial arts anime. So far, Netflix has been doing a pretty solid job with their animes, so we should give them the benefit of the doubt. And if you're not a fan of Tekken, don't worry, it's not the only video game Netflix is adapting.