Pentagon Reveals Scary Truth: More UFO Sightings Than Ever

Not too long ago, the Pentagon revealed that UFOs are indeed real. Now, the Pentagon has revealed that UFO sightings have doubled ever since.
Pentagon ufo congress
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So, get this: The Pentagon has logged 400 reports of UFOs, which is more than double than what was in the database last year. You understand what that means, right? Invasion.

Seriously though, last year, the Pentagon reported that UFOs are real, and for them to have double the sightings since, is definitely interesting. In fact, the POLITICO task force, which tracks these UFOs, urged Congress to have more military come forward about historic UFO events, and they will have their first official UFO meeting in 50 years, next Tuesday.

There Are More UFOs Than Ever

So here are some numbers: Between 2004 and 2021, 144 UFOs were identified, with 18 having flight patterns that suggest someone is sitting at the wheel. Now, that number has grown to 400, and 11 of those were near misses with US aircrafts. That means, that a UFO zipped past an actual US aircraft, and no one has any clue what the hell it was.

Despite these sightings, nobody is any closer to explaining just what these UFOs really are, which just makes me think that these guys have obviously never seen Independence Day. For now, the task force has stated that their goal is to keep collecting data, garnering more support, and to eventually get some real facts on these things. My 2 Cents? Some idiot (American) is gonna shoot one down, and we'll have an intergalactic war on our hands. Mark my words.