This Game Was The Most Searched For On Pornhub in 2021

Pornhub has revealed their statistics of 2021 and one game came out on top. Which one?

Pornhub 2021
Who am I? | © Epic Games + Angfxqueen

We have Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Rewind and, my own personal favorite, Pornhub’s Year in Review, where they give out a statistic that show who enjoyed their hands the most this year.

Before I get started, let me say that we’re not shaming anyone. Masturbation is a healthy habit…

…but some of y'all are testing my limits.

Which Platform Used Pornhub The Most in 2021?

PlayStation users have used Pornhub the most in 2021. As my colleagues like to say (who are all PlayStation users, by the way), it’s because most people own a PlayStation. Whether that was an excuse on their part or the truth, I can not say and do not want to find out. Some things should stay hidden.

I just want to talk to the people that watch porn on their PS Vita. Are you… okay? Do you need money for a laptop or something? Do you want me to Venmo you? PayPal, maybe?

What’s The Most Searched Video Game on Pornhub?

Fortnite. Which makes sense, since most who play Fortnite are prepubescent teens. Would I personally ever watch it? No, absolutely not, but I know how horny teenagers can get... been there, done that, never wanna do it again, I'm so sorry for you (if you need a distraction, our Fortnite section is a pretty good one).

But you want to know what’s even weirder than Fortnite? The fact that Minecraft is in 2nd place. Forget what I said before about respect. If you jerk off to Minecraft porn, you have a problem. I said what I said.

Shoutout to my baby Mass Effect making the list. Guess those sex scenes sparked something in y’all, huh?

What’s The Most Searched Video Game Character on Pornhub?

Lara Croft. That is one I can get behind, she’s sexy af. What I don’t understand is how Super Mario ended up making third place. Are you so thirsty for Chris Pratt or is that a kink that I don’t want to know about?

Don’t answer that.

Also love the Argonian from Skyrim on there. Again, some of y’all are on another level.

The statistics offer a lot more interesting facts about Pornhub in 2021, so I highly advise you to check it out. Even if only to find out that your country is full of narcissists because they search for “German” and “Deutsch” the most.

Y’all are the absolute weirdest and probably watch Bavarian porn where they coat themselves in Senf. New fear unlocked.