RiceGum: Living Through Controversy

Ricegum influencer bio
RiceGum likes a beef. (Credit: RiceGum)

Bryan Quang Le is a YouTuber who is known for his involvement in various controversial situations as much as he is about his music career. Some folks may be tired of hearing about YouTube musicians, but when you are like Le, aka RiceGum, and you manage to stay relevant, you earn yourself a round in our influencer bio series.

RiceGum fits within a certain group of internet content creators that all seem to have similar biographies: making music of questionable quality and getting involved in drama seemingly to stay afloat. We're about to see the specifics of both these sections of Bryan Quang Le's life.

RiceGum: The Early Years

RiceGum was born and raised into that entertainment life. He came to life in 1996 in Gambling County: Las Vegas, Nevada. One of these occasions where you don't have to move in order to break into the entertainment business. Bryan Quang Le stayed put in Las Vegas and eventually enlisted in the state college - UNLV, but quickly turned his attention to YouTube.

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RiceGum Breaks Through with Music

Le's rise to fame was off of someone else's feud. In 2017, Alissa Violet collaborated with Le on a track called "It's Every Night Sis" - a diss towards Violet's ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, himself of YouTube fame. Paul had previously said some stuff about Violet in his own "It's Every Day Bro" track.

It's Every Night Sis became a hit and went platinum in the US, which propelled RiceGum to stardom. He quickly found out where the soft part of the bread is and produced many similar tracks in the years to follow, including another one that references Paul.

RiceGum vs. the World

When your first single is a feature on someone else's diss, you know you're in for an eventful career. Bryan Le has taken his bite off a bunch of controversies, not all of which straight up beefs with other YouTubers. As he did start off with one, we may as well talk about the other major clash he's been involved in.

The Every Day-Every Night exchange wasn't the last time RiceGum and Jake Paul were mentioned in the same sentence. Ian Carter, known as iDubbbz, wrote a diss of his own, titled "Asian Jake Paul". We haven't mentioned RiceGum's ethnicity thus far, but now that it's beginning to matter: yes, he is Asian.

Le's response would become his second and final charting single. The title "Frick da Police" is a reference to iDubbbz' most famous format - Content Cop, where he had criticized "Asian Jake Paul"'s content. This dispute would not go on past this point.

Racial Insensitivity Towards His Own People

Moving to 2018, RiceGum switched the nature of controversy, but he found a major one nonetheless. Le created a vlog while on a visit to Hong Kong, and it was filled with all types of borderline and straight up racist comments by the vlogger himself, most referring to locals eating dogs. You know, quality humor.

RiceGum's antics received criticism from basically everywhere, to which he replied he was "joking around" and could not have been racist towards Asians because he is one. Not sure that's how that logic works. He closed his statement by revealing his fear of being beat down if he ever returns to Hong Kong. Hmmm... Why fear if you weren't being racist though?

Mystery Box Scam

Here comes 2019 and another bad look for Bryan Quang Le. The infamous MysteryBrand scam brought Le and old friend Jake Paul back together. They were the poster boys for this underhanded scheme that promised "Mystery Box" prizes that never came to many users.

Once again, RiceGum's response probably made matters worse. He said he's not at fault and others have done the same, which is always a great excuse, and gave away Amazon gift cards to fans in an attempt to show he's truly sorry. Plot twist: a lot of folks claimed the codes had already expired when they received them.

RiceGum vs. KSI

A global pandemic could not stop RiceGum from involving himself in something. He was back to dissing fellow YouTubers, namely KSI. The two have had an ongoing feud where they basically insult each other and try to prove their own music is better than their rival's.

Perhaps the most spicy episode of this beef involves...another one of Bryan Le's dramas. His ex-girlfriend Abby Rao made an appearance on KSI's The Sidemen show where the title characters attend a "blind date" with internet personalities. Rice responded in a trademark way:

RiceGum: What's Next?

RiceGum is always brewing something, big or small. Just recently, he called his supposed crush Sara Rose live on stream to seek an explanation for her creating an OnlyFans account. We dare doubt the legitimacy of this whole story and would not be in the least surprised if it's just an elaborate plan to promote his business partner's OnlyFans. It's just how RiceGum rolls. If you want shenanigans, you're going to find them with this guy.

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