The Simpsons | Deathnote Tribute Looks Absolutely Amazing

We just got our first look at a new Simpsons anime episode that will pay homage to the series Death Note and boy does it look good.

Simpsons Anime
This is looking silly good | © Fox

The Simpsons have a 25-year-long history of mediocrity, being straight up bad, but also some moments of brilliance. This upcoming tribute to the Death Note anime might just be one of those moments. We got our first look at the trailer, and it looks amazing.

If you're into anime, here are the best ones on Netflix:

This full-on anime makeover is part of this year's Treehouse of Horror Halloween compilation, which have always been a favorite of mine, and will tell the story of Lisa as she finds the Death Note (or Death Tome as it is called here). A short video has been released via Twitter and I gotta say ... wow!

I mean, look at it. It looks absolutely amazing.

This just looks way better than anybody could have expected, which is probably due to this segment being animated by Korean studio DR Movie, who have a long history of helping out American and Japanese properties. It is also closely linked to Madhouse, which is the Japanese Studio behind Death Note. So, the Simpsons tribute to Death Note is actually being animated by a studio that was involved in animating the source material. Genius.

If you want to get into the spooky mood beforehand, we got you covered:

The Simpsons Anime | When Will It Release

Simpsons Ryu
Can't wait to see this one | © Fox

As for the release date of this episode, it will air on October 30 as the second of the three Treehouse of Horror segments. The other two will be a Babadook homage, where Marge probably loses her sh*t because of Bart, and a Westworld parody. I know they already did a Westworld themed episode, but I guess as there is the new HBO show, they get a second run.

Bro, why is there so much Simpsons merch?

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