House of the Dragon Season 2 Won't Be As Dark As Season 1

HBO's House of the Dragon has been a complete box office hit, giving us the early Game of Thrones vibes once more in a brand-new setting. But one thing many complained about was that it was too dark. Will Season 2 be better?

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How dark will season 2 be? | © HBO

Okay, we've all seen the memes already online, right? House of the Dragon is amazing, but it's also incredibly dark. And we're not just talking about the themes and the story, but just... literally dark. Fans have joked online about how some scenes were just way too dark for them to see anything. Hell, even John Oliver has joked about it on his show.

At first the creatives behind the Game of Thrones spinoff stated that the darkness on the screen was intentional, but now showrunner Ryan Condal has made some new revelations regarding the pitch blackness on the screen.

Best Possible Viewing Experience Intended for Season 2

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Condal did acknowledge that they would focus on making the show a great viewing experience for everyone, not just those of you out there who can afford a million dollar home theatre. Though you can get an insanely great television for less than that, trust us.

Condal explained that in post-production the staff worked with equipment worth millions and obviously the end product looked great on his own television, but that isn't the same viewing experience other people have.

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He explains that while a movie is going to be shown in theatres, and therefore will have standardized quality, but for television that is a completely different story.

For TV, you're releasing it onto a million different television screens and different setups and calibrations all over the planet. You're also releasing it through different distributors who are going to distribute it in 4K or 1080p or 1080i or not that at all.

As someone working on a television series it is their job to take these differences into account and learn from this information to improve upon it. Therefore, while they want to keep the continuity of the show and the feel of it, there will be some changes made going forward.

'How can we do better?' The feedback was certainly heard. I get it. And we want the show to be a great viewing experience for everybody.

So, if you were someone who barely saw anything in some episodes then rejoice, because Season 2 of House of the Dragon might be a little less dark... in terms of lighting. Who knows about the plot. It's George R.R. Martin it'll probably stay dark and depressing.

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