Fortnite x Pokemon Crossover In The Works?

Images have surfaced showing Pokémon in Fortnite! Are these the first signs of a cooperation with the anime? Here come the details.

Fortnite Pokemon
Is our dream finally coming true? Will there be a Fortnite x Pokémon crossover finally happening after such a long time? | © narxo

Fortnite and Anime... a crossover that probably no one would have expected years ago and yet it continues to grow! At least since the Fortnite x Naruto crossover, the fans have tasted blood and after the Dragon Ball crossover, the rest of the Weebs now also want to see their favorite anime in the game. And the fans agree: There must be a Pokémon x Fortnite cooperation!

Considering that both Fortnite and Pokémon have millions of fans around the world, there is no doubt that this collaboration will be very successful. And now leaks have surfaced that actually show that Epic Games is working on a crossover with Pokémon. Here the details.

Pokémon x Fortnite Creative 2.0 images leaked

As many Fortnite players know, Epic Games is working on the release of Creative 2.0. This will be a massive update that will likely completely change the popular video game. With Creative 2.0, players will be able to create incredible custom maps using their own 3D models, scripts and more.

On Saturday, October 22nd, players got their first look at the new creative update. The leak, which first surfaced on Twitter, showed a host of new features coming to Fortnite's popular game mode. A picture was also shared below, in which different Pokémon can be seen on a map.

Fortnite Pokemon
How cool does this map look? | © narxo

Unfortunately, no further information about the picture was shared. However, fans now suspect there must be a reason why the Creative 2.0 images feature Pokémon characters of all things.

Considering Epic has had many incredible collaborations in the past, a Fortnite x Pokémon crossover wouldn't be surprising. The new Fortnite Season is scheduled to start on December 5th, the same date that Epic plans to release Creative 2.0.

Are the leaked pictures an indication of a Pokémon season? At this point in time we can't know for sure. However, should more details emerge about a collaboration with our favorite childhood anime, we will of course update this article for you.

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