Thor: Love & Thunder Was Forced to Cut Extreme Gorr Scene

Thor: Love & Thunder is fast approaching, and as we're awaiting the villain Gorr, it was revealed that one of his scenes had to be cut.

Thor gorr cut scenes
Too much Gorr... get it? | © Marvel

So... this is kind of unprecedented for the MCU. A scene being cut for being too extreme? Highly surprising. Usually, the dark stuff is reserved for the Marvel TV universe, but I guess times are changing. After all, when you get Christian Bale himself to play your villain, then, I guess, you have to shake things up a little. In fact, Chris Hemsworth even stated that Gorr the God Butcher is one of his favorite Marvel villains, so that's saying something.

Extreme Gorr Scene Cut From Thor Movie

I mean... the name is Gorr the God Butcher... so... yeah, it makes sense that he'd be a tad-bit violent. Though the scene in question was more of the self-harm nature. You see, before he became the God Butcher, Gorr was quite religious. So, when he decided he'd rather hunt those he once worshipped down, he had to remove his tattoos and his method of choice was... self-mutilation.

That proved to be too much for a movie that's meant to be family friendly, so the scene was cut, as Bale himself revealed:

It was perhaps a little bit too extreme to be included in the film, but there was a lot of wonderful stuff that we shot. But you know that as an actor. You always know, hey, you're going to experiment. Some things can work, some things don't, and we want this to be a family film. My kids love it.

Director's cut, anyone? I feel an r-rated home version coming on, but who knows... for now I've got some binge-re-watching to do before Thor hits theatres on July 8.