Is Natalie Portman Replacing Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

The brand new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer has revealed Jane Foster wielding Thor's hammer. Is she replacing Thor? Could Natalie Portman be the next Thor?
Thor love and thunder jane foster
Natalie Portman is returning for Thor: Love and Thunder. | © Marvel

It's time to, in the words of Imagine Dragons (lord save our souls), feel the thunder. The love and the thunder. The big beefy Hemsworth thunder, and the ex-lover of that dude who really... really hates sand. Of course, that reference won't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen Attack of the Clones but, let's be real, most people have so there's no need to explain it.

Speaking of explaining things, I am here today to explain away something that a lot of people seem to be confused about. What's the deal with Natalie Portman, otherwise known as Jane Foster, wielding Thor's hammer in the new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Thor: Ragnarok, Thor: Love and Thunder? Let's start with the trailer...

So, for the purpose of filling out this word limit (am I joking, am I?), here's some context for the following question. The trailer you just watched was, yes, quite funny. It featured Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Thor's ex-girlfriend Jane Foster. It also featured a bunch of other characters. Natalie Portman holds Mjölnir. Hence, the following question:

Is Jane Foster / Natalie Portman the New Thor?

Yeah, kind-of. If you've read the comics, you will understand. Look, if you read the comics, then you will know that at some point, Thor becomes no longer worthy to wield the hammer. We won't spoil the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you're one of the million people who don't really have the time to watch like eighteen marvel movies every year, but in this storyline, Jane Foster ends up being the one who is worthy and, as a result, kind-of becomes Thor herself.

In the comic books, Jane has a ton of superhuman strength, and is basically one-to-one the same as Thor. It will be super cool to see Natalie Portman pull this off, and we'll be interested to see how she carries the character so many years after her previous performance as Jane Foster.

We can imagine that Natalie Portman will be darn good, and we can also imagine that Thor: Love and Thunder will just be generally great, especially considering how Thor: Ragnarok turned out. Anyway, the bigger question is whether she will officially replace Chris Hemsworth as Thor. We wouldn't be surprised: Hemsworth has been in the role for a long time now, and this would be the perfect opportunity to give him a break and write him out.

Just food for thought.