Twitch Demonetized Amouranth! The End of the Hot Tub Meta?

Amouranth demonetized
Advertisers are not overjoyed by the Twitch hot tub meta. (Credit: Amouranth)

The hot tub meta just hit its largest obstacle yet. Twitch has taken away ad revenue from Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa's channel. Amouranth is arguably the largest name to indulge in hot tub streams, but she may be forced to reconsider.

It's been a long time coming. Weeks and months passed with everyone but Twitch having an opinion on the hot tub meta that's riddled EarlyGame's front page. When Twitch finally did take action though, they decided to go big.

Why Was Amouranth's Twitch Channel Demonetized?

Amouranth was most likely demonetized by Twitch due to her highly popular and high-profile hot tub streams. In typical Twitch fashion, nothing has been made particularly clear, and this may as well be completely due to an issue unrelated to her Amouranth's hot tub streams.

Then again, what else could it be? Amouranth hot tub streams, and then gets demonetized. Putting two and two together isn't that difficult. Many companies would not be thrilled to have their products used by girls in bikinis to bounce their melons in a jacuzzi.

For the argument's sake, let's accept that Amouranth got demonetized for her hot tub streams. What does that mean for other similar streamers, and the hot tub meta? Simple: advertisers are more important to Twitch than individual streamers, so if the site is losing grace from the former, they are going to punish the latter. If that is what's happening, then the fate of jacuzzi-streams is sealed.

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