3 Reasons Why Twitch Gambling Streams Should Stop

Reasons why twitch gambling streams
Twitch gambling streams aren't really beneficial to anyone involved.

Gambling streams have overtaken ASMR streams as the most contentious topic on Twitch. Streamers and regular viewers alike have taken their time to cast an opinion on the matter. We chime in, too, with three reasons why Twitch gambling streams need to stop.

Asmongold opened Pandora's box when he brought up Twitch gambling streams a week back. He said that Twitch should ban this type of content. We agree. Here are three reasons why.

1. Puts Twitch and Streamers in a Grey Legal Area

Gambling laws vary so much from country to country that it's virtually impossible to abide by the rules at all times. Just recently, Twitch was blocked in Slovakia because of a single gambling stream. How long until these occasions turn from incidents to a regular thing? Twitch and the streamers are walking a dangerous legal line that they do not wish to cross.

2. Ethically Ambiguous

We loved that phrase used by Pokimane so much that we decided to copy it. The female streaming star shed light on the lack of necessity for gambling streamers to do that sort of content. If you're getting sponsored by a bloody casino, she said, you're already a multi-millionaire. When does it stop?, - Pokimane asked. We're asking the same.

3. Addicting by Nature

This further elaborates on the previous point, but extends it past just the streamer's ethics. Gambling can prove addicting for both the streamer and his audience, to a devastating effect. A person like Trainwrecks has went on numerous uncomfortable to watch rants while on stream, as soon as someone dares bring up his own addiction to gambling.

Definitely the most damning moment for Twitch gambling streams came just a couple of days ago. One of the top names not only in the gambling meta, but on Twitch as a whole - xQc completely dropped gambling from his streaming schedule. Furthermore, he announced that he is going to quit gambling for good.

When your own people start abandoning ship, maybe it's time to close shop. And since gambling doesn't have a mind of its own and can't shut itself down, and streamers are never going to regulate themselves, Twitch should man up for once and pull the plug on that content.

A girl in a bikini may not be appropriate for children, but this right here could be much more devastating to adults.

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