We're Getting an Official, R-Rated Winnie The Pooh Horror Movie

Winnie The Pooh is no longer private property of Disney, and now we're getting a Winnie the Pooh Bear horror movie. Yup.

Winnie The Pooh horror movie
This is not the Winnie The Pooh I know. | © Not Disney Anymore

Ok, so... this movie looks genuinely terrifying, not just because it's Winnie The Pooh, but... mostly because of that. We're really, seriously, getting an r-rated horror depiction of our childhood bear. How come? Because since January of this year, Disney is no longer the sole owner of the Winnie The Pooh characters, meaning that it is now a public domain, free for anyone to use. So now... we're getting Winnie The Pooh The Serial Killer.

Winnie The Pooh Bear, The Serial Killer

The movie goes by the name Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey, and it reimagines the bear as a man behind a mask, stalking and killing his victims. Yup, this is really happening.

So far, all we have is an IMDb page - there is no trailer or any plot details available yet. However, we did already get a glimpse of Winnie The Pooh's new horrifying look. Also, one of the pictures reveals Piglet to also be a serious killer, meaning the whole gang might be coming together to slaughter the innocent.

The director responsible for butchering our childhood memories is Rhys Frake-Waterfield, who, thus far, has not commented much on this project. To be fair though, all of this was just revealed, so as the dust settles and the uproard gets louder, we're certain more details about this new, evil Winnie The Pooh will emerge.