The Real Reason xQc Moved Back to Canada

Xqc canada
xQc is back to a calmer place in Canada. | © xQc

Felix "xQc" Lengyel opened up on the reasons why he moved back to Canada, which turn out to be way more sinister than many thought. Turns out the Twitch streamer was borderline harassed for months, until he finally had enough and moved away from Texas.

When you're a divisive personality like xQc is, you are an easy target for conspiracies that paint you in a negative light. That's sort of what happened with his return to his home country Canada, with the popular theory being that it was to make it easier for him to engage in gambling streams. Lengyel says that can't be further from the truth.

Why Did xQc Move Back to Canada?

The real reason behind xQc leaving Austin, Texas and returning to Canada, is because he was swatted constantly. What that means is that folks were phoning in false signals that someone at his address is in danger, so the police would then go to his home and bother him.

Recently, Ethan Klein revealed that he was dealing with the same thing at his home. While the H3 Podcast host took the situation lightly and even made jokes about how he and the officers are on friendly terms by now, xQc dealt with the issue in the completely opposite way.

The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada is that we were getting raided by the police station at rates that absolutely made no f*cking sense. Almost every day the police came to our house with a full squad because of f*cking idiots. I was genuinely scared that I was going to die! It didn't make sense to me and I got so scared that I just wanted to go home.

The streamer elaborated that the raids were so frequent, he often had some cops in his house during stream and eventually found a way to communicate with them without users noticing.

We feel for anyone whose life is made more difficult by "f*cking idiots" because whether you like or dislike someone doesn't give you the right to harass them. We hope xQc is happy back in his homeland and that the friendly Canadian neighbor stereotype holds true.

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